November 5, 2019

SRT playback support in SLDP Player

SRT became a popular transport protocol for live streams secure delivery over unreliable network. Softvelum team has been an active contributor to SRT open source community being part of SRT Alliance.

Softvelum products lead products have full support for SRT:

  • Nimble Streamer, a software media server, has rich SRT feature set for receiving and sending live streams via all available transmission modes.
  • Larix Broadcaster, Larix Screencaster and Larix SDK allow streaming from Android and iOS to multiple destinations, including those which support SRT input.

Now we introduce SRT playback support in SLDP Player for Android and SLDP Player for iOS.

Mobile SLDP Players provide low latency consumption of SLDP, RTMP, Icecast, HLS and MPEG-DASH and adding SRT gives more flexibility, robustness and reliability for end-user last-mile playback.

You can get SLDP Player free app in Google Play and AppStore.

SRT can be obtained via SRT Pull mode, so you need to make sure your source media server or streaming service has SRT Listen mode enabled for the output stream. Read SRT setup description for Nimble Streamer to see how it can be set up there.

The player setup is easy, just open the application, add new connection and enter your stream with srt:// protocol prefix. Once you save it and tap on it, it will connect to your server and will start playing the stream.


Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding SLDP Player.


  1. Hi , I am trying Larix Broadcaster ( downloaded from Android play store sep23 version), to broadcast to a listener (gstreamer) on my laptop. both the mobile and the laptop are on the same WiFi network. I dont see any UDP-SRT packets on my laptop, not even the initial handshake. Is there something fundamentally wrong with the way am setting it up ?
    Thanks for any insight.

    1. Hi, could you please contact our support via with details so we could check?


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