September 10, 2020

Make thumbnails for live streams

Nimble Streamer allows generating thumbnails on-the-fly for any outgoing stream. At the moment it supports two formats:

  •  a single-frame MP4 file which can be embedded into any web page via <video> tag.
  • a JPG file.

In order to start generating those thumbnail, you need to enable Generate MP4 thumbnails or Generate JPEG thumbnail parameter for either Global setting of the server or for specific applications' settings as shown below.

Nimble Streamer uses decoding and encoding libraries from Nimble Live Transcoder to get the image from the stream and then encode it into JPG.
So to get his feature working, first you need to install Live Transcoder and subscribe for a license. Once you've installed Live Transcoder and registered the purchased license, you can enable this feature.

Once the parameter is enabled, you can access the generated thumbnail via this kind of URL:


You may also use https:// if SSL is properly set up on your Nimble Streamer.

Here are the examples of global and per-application "Generate MP4 thumbnails" and "Generate JPEG thumbnails" setting enabled.  The thumbnails are re-newed within a Interval period which you set up after checking the checkbox, by default it's 6 seconds.

For JPEG thumbnails you may also specify their size.

Once you apply new setting, you must re-start your incoming stream on your encoder or origin server.

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