September 30, 2020

Q3 2020 news: NDI in Nimble Streamer, RIST in Larix Broadcaster, SRT in TV Players

Softvelum team keeps improving the products bundle and we'd like to share the most significant updates with you.

Nimble Streamer

Our flagship product has a number of interesting updates.

Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster was described in a couple of tutorials:

As for new features, we have them as well.

  • RIST streaming protocol is now supported for Larix Broadcaster for both Android and iOS. It's built with libRIST version 3.0.0 and uses RIST Main profile. Watch video tutorial showing RIST streaming from mobile.
  • Larix Broadcaster now has streaming pause for both Android and iOS. Long tap on Start will pause the stream without disconnecting it, video track will contain a black screen, audio track will contain silence.

Last but not least. We've started to describe our approach to quality assurance of our mobile products in our github Larix testing repo. Here are the areas which we've covered already, more pages are coming soon, as well as new tests for RIST:

Larix Player

Larix Player is the new name of our playback solution for Android and iOS formerly known as "SLDP Player". It's capable of SRT playback as well as Icecast, SLDP and other protocols.

  • Larix Player free app is available in AppStore and Google Play while Larix Player SDK is available for premium licensing.
  • Larix Player is now available in Apple TV / tvOS which means SRT can be played on all Apple devices. Check our Apple developer page for all apps. Watch this video tutorial for setup.
  • Larix Player is also available on Android TV. This allows playing SRT on STBs and TVs, as well as creating your own playback apps with our SDK. Visit player page for details.

That's all for now.

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