December 9, 2021

Improvements in billing mechanics of WMSPanel

Our team has recently made a few updates and improvements for the billing of our customers which will make it easier to handle. Please check what might be useful for you.

Combined billing for WMSPanel, Transcoder and Addenda

Previously, if customers wanted to add licenses for Transcoder or Addenda, they needed to create separate subscriptions for each type of license.

Our team has improved license subscription mechanics. For all new customers of Transcoder and Addenda who haven't had active licenses, WMSPanel subscription now allows to add Transcoder and Addenda licenses costs to panel's services.

Once you create new licenses, you will need to pay initial license fees proportional to the number of licenses and the number of days left until the next billing period of WMSPanel. At the nearest billing date you'll be charged with your usual WMSPanel cost options (servers, slices, stats) plus full monthly cost of all active licenses. If you cancel a license between billing dates, its cost will not be charged at the next payment date.

This way our customers will have a single payment every month instead multiple payments.

If you have separate legacy subscriptions for panel and licenses and you want to combine them into one, let us know about it so we could help you to transition.

PayPro Global payment gateway

Many of our customers already use it but we'd like to remind about this once again.

WMSPanel can be paid via the second payment gateway, PayPro Global. It allows a payer to control payment method, handle subscription email and billing addresses without the need for contacting support, and also view original invoices first-hand.

Up-front payments

Another option that we'd like to remind about is up-front payment.

We may accept a payment up-front, usually it's equal the price of 12 months of service with current amount of servers and options. The charged amount is put on your account credit. Every month a cost of your monthly services is withdrawn from your credit. If your monthly cost changes, then the cost of withdrawal is updated accordingly. The respective notifications about price change and credit charges are sent to the user. All charges also appear in "Payments and Invoices" tab of settings menu.

Transcoder and Addenda licenses will also be covered by account credit, just like it's done for regular subscriptions. When you create a license, we'll charge the license initial payments from your account credit.

Our team can enable up-front payment by request to our helpdesk.

If you have any further improvements which you'd like to have, tell us about that.

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