December 2, 2021

Local configuration and ad files support in Nimble Advertizer

Nimble Advertizer has become more flexible with the recent update.

Local config file

Instead of requiring a JSON config to be available via HTTP/HTTPS URL, you can now store the config in a local file. So besides handler app and static config available from a remote source, you can simply put your JSON config on a local hard drive where Nimble Streamer is installed. Nimble config will contain "file://" scheme location in "advertising_url" parameter.

Local ads content

Previously we required your ads to be available via URL. Now you can also put them locally on a Nimble-powered server and refer to them via "file://" scheme.

Video tutorial

Check this video showing both features in action:

You can read full Advertizer tech spec for detailed description and example of usage.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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