July 10, 2022

Publishing HEVC via WebRTC from Apple devices

WebRTC typical video codecs list for streaming solutions has H.264, VP8 and VP9, where H.264 is dominant. However with the rise of HEVC/H.265 popularity, technology vendors consider adding it into the WebRTC stack as well.

Apple devices and OSes support HEVC in WebRTC ingest.

So we also decided to add that capability into our products.

Now Nimble Streamer supports HEVC codec in WebRTC ingest feature set. You can publish WebRTC  stream from iPhones, iPads and Mac devices with that codec.

If you want to try it now, please refer to Nimble Streamer WebRTC setup instructions and watch WebRTC features playlist on our YouTube channel.

Notice that if you want to use HEVC specifically, use "h265" value for "videocodecs" parameter:


You can try our Publisher demo page for that and use WebRTC JS publisher library in your own solutions.

To enable this feature in iPhone Safari, go to this menu:

Settings >> Safari >> Advanced >> Experimental Features and enable "WebRTC H265 Codec" parameter as shown below:

Also try: Larix Broadcaster for iOS allows ingesting WebRTC into Nimble Streamer or any other server/service with WHIP support with H.264/AVC video.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our WebRTC implementation.

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