July 6, 2022

Opus audio support in SLDP

SLDP protocol is widely used by Nimble Streamer for low latency last-mile delivery of live streams. It supports a wide variety of codecs, though customers had to rely on source and player capabilities to play their codec of choice.

Our team has recently released WebRTC support in Nimble Streamer which introduced new audio codec - Opus - which is the standard in WebRTC world. So a customer who wanted to play audio properly in browsers via SLDP, had to transcode it into AAC first.

Now Opus is fully supported in SLDP. So Nimble Streamer can take any input with Opus audio and transmux it into SLDP with no need to transcode it.

Our SLDP Player for HTML5 has full support for Opus playback in any browsers on Windows, Linux, Android. With iOS17, it also works on iPhone.

Play audio-only SLDP with Opus on iPhone - take a look at this capability of SLDP protocol as well.

Larix Player for Android and iOS have Opus playback support for SLDP and SRT protocols.

So if you get WebRTC ingest into Nimble Streamer, you may transmux it into SLDP output as a direct pipeline without the need for audio transcoding. You may still need to transcode your video to change the video codec and to set video resolution but your audio can be used directly as a passthrough. And if you use WebRTC for audio-only transmission, this will be a direct pipeline for you.

We plan adding Opus support into Larix Player apps and SDK for iOS and Android so you could add this codec into your mobile playback solutions as well.

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