May 25, 2023

Introducing Larix Premium subscription

Our team started Larix Broadcaster development back in 2015.
At first, it was a proof-of-concept project to follow the demand of our Nimble Streamer customers for an easy-to-use live streaming app.

Over the years Larix turned into a very useful application for streamers with break-though and sometimes unique features like SRT streaming, WebRTC streaming, multiple simultaneous connections and many more. Larix Broadcaster is considered as the best live streaming application on the market by many customers and streaming services. It was and is used in a wide variety of cases from IRL enthusiasts to newsrooms and NFL's 2020 virtual draft.

Larix apps brought a huge added value for our users, and all that was for free, without asking for money.

What's current status?

We were developing Larix on our own expense for years while having occasional sales of SDK to support our mobile engineers. But now the SDK sales are in decline after peak pandemic years.
However, the application is still being developed by a team of professionals. We all want to get paid for our work and we want our engineers be able to feed their families.

At this point we have to move to a subscription model to sustain further development, otherwise we'll have to suspend any further improvements of Larix family of products.

We believe that adding some minor monetization for top-notch capabilities will let us support our engineers and innovate even further by adding new capabilities. For years we could drive in this race of steady development of this world-class product, and and we need further fuel to keep going.

Larix Premium

This month we introduced in-app subscription called Larix Premium and put some existing features under it.

Larix Premium costs 9.99 USD per month and includes features like:
  • Remove time limit for streaming.
    Without Premium, Larix allows streaming for 30 minutes for free + another 30 minutes with mandatory overlay. Then the stream is stopped.
  • HEVC encoding
  • Enhanced RTMP spec which allows publishing HEVC into YouTube and Nimble Streamer
  • SEI NTP metadata insertion
  • Advanced Connectivity settings menu
  • Three or more simultaneous connections and six or more pre-defined connections
  • Larix Talkback
  • WebRTC streaming for more than 5 minutes
  • Dolby HDR on supported Apple devices
  • Android Background streaming
In the upcoming releases, Premium will also absorb the following:
  • Android OTG USB support with additional fixes and improvements.

Larix Screencaster will also have premium subscription soon.

Streaming providers and services

If you're a streaming platform or a service provider and you want your customers to use Larix Broadcaster for free, please let us know about it so we could provide you with various options to support us.

If you're an active streamer, you may get in touch with your platform and ask them to help you make Larix available for you for free.

Streaming world figured out the way to make money: platforms get ads and subscribers, while streamers make profits with all kinds of monetization. Our team is an important part of this ecosystems and we believe our efforts are worth the subscription that we introduce.

Multiple devices under same account

Notice that if you use the same account on multiple devices, you can use the one subscription to unlock Premium on each of them.

So if you use the same Apple ID on several iPhones in your production setup, you will pay for only one subscription and use it on each of those devices. The same applies to your Google account and Android phones.

Other subscriptions

In addition for Premium, we have a separate subscription for NDI mobile streaming support that costs 19.99 USD per month. It's a proprietary protocol and we have to monetize it separately.
Also, Larix Player for Android and iOS now has its subscription that covers a brand new Videowall functionality that allows watching multiple streams on the same screen. It costs 9.99 USD per month.

The mentioned prices are for the United States, the final price may vary depending on country of purchase and local taxes.

As we describe above, adding monetization helps us develop the project further and helps all of our users to keep using the best mobile streaming application on the market.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on this monetization or other forms of supporting our mobile development team.

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