Nimble Streamer release notes

Please check the list of recent Nimble Streamers releases and basic description of changes.

You may find useful Nimble Streamer installation instruction and upgrade instruction.

3.6.8-2 Aug 06 2020
  • support pulling SRT streams when host name is specified in settings instead of IP
  • fixed crash in nimble_ndi in case of receiving audio via NDI with more than 8 channels
  • fixed HEVC decoder configuration record initialization for HEVC playback via SLDP in Chromium

3.6.8-1 Jul 16 2020
  • support NDI protocol for Transcoder input/output
  • support reporting SRT session statistics in WMSPanel (requires Addenda license)
  • fixed issue with using HTTP/2 for management interface
3.6.7-2 Jun 30 2020
  • support adding Widevine and PlayReady DRM protection information to MPEG-DASH manifests to avoid playback issues of DRM protected streams in Shaka Player and THEOplayer
3.6.7-1 Jun 16 2020
3.6.6-9 Jun 02 2020
  • improved logic for maintaining proper state of output stream for pulled/pushed MPEG-TS/HLS/SRT streams
  • respond with 404 to ABR chunklist request for not available live/DVR stream
3.6.6-8 May 25 2020
  • fixed infinite loop in MPEG-TS processor that could happen processing invalid input data
  • respond with 404 to ABR playlist request if no ABR renditions available
3.6.6-7 May 20 2020
  • support streaming HLS and MPEG-DASH from remote VOD via HTTPv2
  • fixed issue with cleanup of DVR archives containing only empty periods
  • support using VCAS encoder token (JWT) for encoder authorization
  • support reporting AppleTV devices to WMSPanel for devices report
3.6.6-5 Apr 30 2020
  • support FairPlay DRM protection with EZDRM
3.6.6-4 Apr 27 2020
3.6.6-3 Apr 20 2020
  • fixed issue with setting proper START-DATE in EXT-X-DATERANGE tag
  • fixed redirecting to HTTP/1.1 replying to HTTP/2 request recevied for HLS re-streaming route
  • support parsing duration from EXT-X-CUE-OUT when it is indicated implicitly (without DURATION subtag)
  • support using TLS SNI in stream checker nodes
  • support RIST streaming protocol
3.6.6-2 Apr 16 2020
  • fixed issues with using NVENC decoder causing flickering and CCs mixing in some cases
3.6.6-1 Apr 10 2020
  • support streaming PD from remote VOD via HTTPv2
  • support Common Encryption to apply DRM protection for MPEG-DASH (requires Addenda license)
  • support using Widevine Cloud Service to fetch encryption keys
  • support using EZDRM to fetch encryption keys for Widevine and Playready DRM
3.6.5-6 Apr 02 2020
  • fixed timestamps issue in audio-only HLS from DVR causing audio glitches on iOS devices
  • some logging improvements in Transcoder and RTMP stream processor
  • added 'filter' parameter support to enable FEC in SRT
3.6.5-5 Mar 25 2020
  • support enabling HTTP origin mode globally using option in nimble.conf
  • fixed WMSAuth blocking by Referer for SLDP streams
  • build with SRT 1.4.1 on Windows
3.6.5-4 Mar 19 2020
  • fixed crash in case of VOD transmuxing errors when HTTPv2 is used
3.6.5-3 Mar 17 2020
  • fixed Transcoder buffer overflow when using file as a source and synchronizing video to audio
3.6.5-2 Mar 16 2020
3.6.5-1 Mar 10 2020
  • some fixes to improve playback of MPEG-DASH streams with Number-based template manifest
  • improved mp4 exporting from DVR to better handle cases with unsynchronized a/v tracks
  • added Nimble API to inject SCTE-35 In marker
3.6.4-9 Feb 26 2020
  • support using VCAS CEI v2.0 interface for retrieving DRM keys
3.6.4-8 Feb 25 2020
  • support using HTTPv2 for streaming local VOD content (PD/HLS/MPEG-DASH)
  • fixed HLS AES encryption of HLS FMP4 streams from DVR
3.6.4-7 Feb 17 2020
  • support sending 'steady' timestamps in SLDP streams for synchronized playback in different players
  • some logging cleanup and improvements
  • increased sync buffer size to support receiving more settings
  • some improvements in json parsing to gracefully handle cases with incorrect/unexpected json

3.6.4-6 Feb 10 2020
  • fixed issue with producing Icecast streams in case Icecast publisher re-connects multiple times
  • added config option for compatibility with Panasonic cameras publishing RTMP streams

3.6.4-5 Feb 03 2020
  • support using per-stream resource ID for VCAS (currently <app>/<stream>)
  • support recording EAC-3 audio to DVR
  • support reporting to WMSPanel if SRT and Transcoder libraries are loaded
3.6.4-4 Jan 27 2020
  • improved mp4 exporting from DVR to better handle cases with unsynchronized a/v tracks
  • fixed potential crash when processing incorrect LATM in pulled MPEG-TS streams

3.6.4-3 Jan 22 2020
  • support processing incomplete EAC-3 frames from input streams
  • fixed issue with using percent-encoding in RTSP password
3.6.4-2 Jan 20 2020
  • support pulling MPEG-TS and HLS streams from origins using 'chunked' Transfer-Encoding
  • fixed issue with resetting PTS in mpeg2video decoder
  • support fragmented LATM in pulled MPEG-TS streams
3.6.4-1 Jan 14 2020
  • fixed mp4 file size calculation when exporting from DVR via Nimble API
  • fixed saving setting for reporting IPs and user-agents via PPV
  • support using encoders from custom-built FFmpeg
3.6.3-4 Dec 30 2019
  • fixed crash during LL HLS parts generation
3.6.3-3 Dec 25 2019
  • support Apple Low Latency HLS for HLS FMP4 and HLS MPEG-TS streams
  • support switching to fallback sources in SRT pull
  • close all inherited descriptors in external encoder process
  • some logging cleanup and improvements
3.6.3-2 Dec 17 2019
  • updated parameter names for libsvthevc encoder
  • fixed issue with exporting .mp4 files from DVR archives containing empty periods
  • some logging improvements
3.6.3-1 Dec 12 2019
3.6.2-2 Dec 01 2019
  • fixed crash if Icecast pull failed to register outgoing stream
  • support parsing and producing SCTE-35 tags from/to HLS in different formats
3.6.2-1 Nov 20 2019
  • support HTTPv2 for live streaming
  • support passing Icecast metadata to HLS ID3 metadata fields (streamTitle)
  • upgraded OpenSSL version used on Windows (requires upgrading SRT package if SRT is used)
3.6.1-2 Nov 06 2019
  • support using SRT 1.4.0
  • fixed playback sessions reporting for HLS playback from DVR
3.6.1-1 Oct 28 2019
  • support providing server host name during registration to display in WMSPanel
  • some improvements in range requests processing
  • use proper default port for MPEG-TS streams pulled over HTTPS
3.6.0-9 Oct 15 2019
  • support 'characteristics' attribute in SMIL processor
  • fixed issue in stream checker causing failures when fetching streams with '../' parts in URL
3.6.0-8 Oct 07 2019
3.6.0-7 Oct 01 2019
3.6.0-6 Sep 30 2019
3.6.0-5 Sep 25 2019
  • fixed memory leak in Transcoder in case multiple scenarios produced output to the same stream
  • fixed issue with setting correct EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY-SEQUENCE causing playback problem in Exoplayer
3.6.0-4 Sep 12 2019
  • support generating multiple CEA-708 NAL units to properly pass long subtitles
  • additional error handling in Advertizer module
3.6.0-3 Sep 03 2019
  • additional error handling in Advertizer module
3.6.0-2 Sep 02 2019
3.6.0-1 Aug 22 2019
3.5.9-4 Aug 19 2019
  • added Nimble API to inject SCTE-35 markers to insert advertisements triggered by "scte35"
  • fixed issue with changing listened SRT IP address
  • fixed issue with logging advertisements when content was deleted from handler response before ad playback is finished
3.5.9-3 Aug 13 2019
  • added Radioplayer as known user-agent to use in WMSPanel Players report
  • support offset-0 option to indicate preferred point to start playback in DVR HLS playlist
3.5.9-2 Aug 01 2019
  • do not show ads to users with empty ID when personalized ads enabled ("users" is not empty)
3.5.9-1 Jul 22 2019
  • added improved UDP CBR streaming mode
  • fixed incorrect JSON generation in /manage/rtmp/republish/<id> API response
3.5.8-2 Jul 16 2019
  • fixed issue with saving settings to rules.conf
  • fixed video decoder update when video format is changed
3.5.8-1 Jul 10 2019
  • added Nimble API to manage RTMP re-publishing
  • removed UDT streaming support
  • fixed issue with logging error on Windows after calling Nimble API
3.5.7-7 Jul 03 2019
3.5.7-6 Jul 01 2019
  • fixed issue with pulling RTSP streams with URL parameters in Content-Base response header
  • support setting presentationTimeOffset attribute in MPEG-DASH ABR manifests
  • support logging Nimble management API access
3.5.7-5 Jun 24 2019
  • support using HTTPS for Nimble API
  • added EXT-X-START tag for inserted pre-roll advertisements
  • fixed interleaved compensation if different timescale is used for video and audio tracks
3.5.7-4 Jun 17 2019
  • set codecs info in DVR playlist from requested period when EPG request is used
  • support resetting MPEG-DASH manifest content when timestamp issues detected
  • fixed issue on Windows with sending files >4GB via PD over SSL
3.5.7-3 May 31 2019
  • fixed issue with statistics reporting to WMSPanel
  • some improvements to reload DVR archive if DVR storage is corrupted
3.5.7-2 May 30 2019
  • support triggering ads insertion with SCTE-35 markers
  • fixed crash in some cases when processing response from PPP handler
3.5.7-1 May 27 2019
  • support using .mp3 and .aac files for ads insertion into audio-only streams
  • fix to support RTMP publishing from Elemental Live Encoder > 2.14
3.5.6-8 May 22 2019
  • support using multiple threads to process incoming MPEG-TS streams
3.5.6-7 May 17 2019
  • fixed switching to MPEG-TS and HLS fallback source when primary source does not return any data
  • fixed crash in some cases when content is requested with invalid ranges
3.5.6-6 May 16 2019
  • support keeping URL parameters from input stream for RTMP re-publishing
3.5.6-5 May 14 2019
  • HEVC support for RTMP
  • optimize write operations to DVR segments DB during cleanup
  • some logging cleanup and improvements
3.5.6-4 May 07 2019
  • support limiting streaming bandwidth in WMSAuth rules
  • increase backlog for SRT multipoint listener socket
3.5.6-3 Apr 23 2019
  • support passing DVB subtitles from/to MPEG-TS and HLS streams
  • support redirections for downloading advertisements
3.5.6-2 Apr 16 2019
  • some improvements in MPEG-DASH manifest generation to fix playback issues
  • added Nimble API to request settings sync with WMSPanel
3.5.6-1 Apr 10 2019
  • initial support of passing SCTE-35 markers from/to MPEG-TS and HLS streams
  • added option to fix issue with RTMP publishing to Limelight
  • added option for resetting ADTS header in Icecast streams
3.5.5-6 Apr 04 2019
  • support using SRT v1.3.2 (upgrading nimble-srt package is required)
  • some logging improvements
3.5.5-5 Mar 27 2019
  • reset DVR period when segment start time drops down to avoid sorting segments in incorrect order
  • additional error handling to re-start server-side tasks failed in some cases
  • added Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod as known user-agents
  • disabled SSL partial write mode by default
3.5.5-4 Mar 19 2019
  • support pulling HLS AES encrypted streams
  • some logging improvements
3.5.5-3 Mar 14 2019
  • some improvements in handling cea708 captions when NVENC decoder is used
  • fixed ads insertion into HLS AES encrypted streams
3.5.5-2 Mar 10 2019
  • fixed generation of .mp4 file exported from DVR to avoid playback issues in WMP
  • fixed timestamps issue in audio-only HLS causing audio glitches on iOS devices
  • additional error handling and logging during GeoDB update
3.5.5-1 Mar 04 2019
  • send Cache-Control and ACAO headers with API responses to DVR export and cleanup operations
  • fixed VOD files access issue
3.5.4-9 Feb 28 2019
  •  added EAC-3 support for VOD MPEG-TS chunk generation
  •  fixed issue with applying Transcoder settings when decoding from file is used
  •  added support of MPEG-TS streams with hexadecagonal audio
  •  some improvements in HLS pull
3.5.4-8 Feb 22 2019
  • support sending SRT stream to multiple clients for SRT sender working in "Listen" mode
  • handle DVR cleanup requested via API in a separate thread to avoid blocking other API calls
  • use .aac/.mp3 extensions for DVR audio-only streams to avoid playback issues on some players
  • fix checking stream availability when origin forces "Connection: close" mode
3.5.4-7 Feb 18 2019
  • support exporting DVR archive content to MP4 via Nimble API
3.5.4-6 Feb 13 2019
  • fixed crash during DVR archive cleanup caused by audio segments with duplicated timestamps
  • fixed sending proper Cache-Control header for MPEG-DASH manifests
3.5.4-5 Feb 10 2019
  • support RTMPS for pull/push and re-publishing
  • fixed HLS AES support for HLS FMP4
  • fixed HLS pull over HTTPS for input streams with absolute paths
3.5.4-4 Jan 16 2019
  • removed legacy GeoIP library dependency
  • fixed crash caused by receiving SIGBUS when transmuxing segments from corrupted DVR storage

See also older release notes. If you don't see your Nimble Streamer version on this page, we strongly recommend upgrading your Nimble Streamer instance.


  1. So, anyword on when the first of the 2019 updates is going to be released

    1. We don't have precise plans for dates of future releases. But as you can see, we're doing it on a regular basis. If you have any specific request, pelase use our helpdesk:
      Thank you.

  2. I do have a question regarding 3.5.6-4 May 07 2019
    support limiting streaming bandwidth in WMSAuth rules
    increase backlog for SRT multipoint listener socket
    in paywall it says limiting bandwidth is wowza only has that always been the case it just seems odd that feature is just NOW being added to nimble

    1. Hello Doug,

      We've removed UI note that it is for Wowza only, currently it works for both Wowza and Nimble (and previously it did not work for Nimble as note stated).


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