Nimble Streamer release notes

Please check the list of recent Nimble Streamers releases and basic description of changes.

You may find useful Nimble Streamer installation instruction and upgrade instruction.

3.5.5-4 Mar 19 2019
  • support pulling HLS AES encrypted streams
  • some logging improvements

3.5.5-3 Mar 14 2019
  • some improvements in handling cea708 captions when NVENC decoder is used
  • fixed ads insertion into HLS AES encrypted streams
3.5.5-2 Mar 10 2019
  • fixed generation of .mp4 file exported from DVR to avoid playback issues in WMP
  • fixed timestamps issue in audio-only HLS causing audio glitches on iOS devices
  • additional error handling and logging during GeoDB update
3.5.5-1 Mar 04 2019
  • send Cache-Control and ACAO headers with API responses to DVR export and cleanup operations
  • fixed VOD files access issue
3.5.4-9 Feb 28 2019
  •  added EAC-3 support for VOD MPEG-TS chunk generation
  •  fixed issue with applying Transcoder settings when decoding from file is used
  •  added support of MPEG-TS streams with hexadecagonal audio
  •  some improvements in HLS pull
3.5.4-8 Feb 22 2019
  • support sending SRT stream to multiple clients for SRT sender working in "Listen" mode
  • handle DVR cleanup requested via API in a separate thread to avoid blocking other API calls
  • use .aac/.mp3 extensions for DVR audio-only streams to avoid playback issues on some players
  • fix checking stream availability when origin forces "Connection: close" mode
3.5.4-7 Feb 18 2019
  • support exporting DVR archive content to MP4 via Nimble API
3.5.4-6 Feb 13 2019
  • fixed crash during DVR archive cleanup caused by audio segments with duplicated timestamps
  • fixed sending proper Cache-Control header for MPEG-DASH manifests
3.5.4-5 Feb 10 2019
  • support RTMPS for pull/push and re-publishing
  • fixed HLS AES support for HLS FMP4
  • fixed HLS pull over HTTPS for input streams with absolute paths
3.5.4-4 Jan 16 2019
  • removed legacy GeoIP library dependency
  • fixed crash caused by receiving SIGBUS when transmuxing segments from corrupted DVR storage
3.5.4-3 Dec 21 2018
  • support sending SDT in MPEG-TS UDP output
  • support preserving CCs in Transcoder filter pipeline
  • fixed processing of invalid JSON object received from auth handler
3.5.4-2 Dec 16 2018
  • support caching re-streamed live content as VOD (storing on disk with VOD timeout)
  • fixed duplicating "amp" in re-streamed MPEG-DASH manifest
  • some improvements in cache to reduce locking while cache is being re-loaded
  • some logging improvements
3.5.4-1 Dec 13 2018
  • support generating and saving JPG thumbnails to DVR archives (requires Transcoder)
  • fixed keeping URL parameters with value containing '=' character
  • fixed sending current Icecast stream track names to clients if Icecast metadata is defined in WMSPanel
3.5.3-7 Dec 06 2018
  • support keeping parameters from input URL in HLS and MPEG-DASH playlists
  • fixed excessive pre-allocation of DVR segments DB when appending data to reloaded DVR archive
3.5.3-6 Nov 26 2018
  • support UI settings for auth handler
  • performance improvements in json parser wrappers
  • added NAKs send/receive info to SRT stats
  • fixed handling Connection header to support using CloudFront as Websocket/SLDP proxy

3.5.3-5 Nov 20 2018
  • support getting multiple stream names in "stream" field in Advertizer rules
  • fixed inserting session parameters into EXT-X-KEY field of re-streamed HLS playlist if key value is provided in URI as text/plain data
  • added option to disable partial write mode for SSL
3.5.3-4 Nov 18 2018
3.5.3-3 Nov 08 2018
  • DVR storage improvements
  • some improvements in statistics reporting to WMSPanel
3.5.3-2 Oct 28 2018
  • some improvements in WMSPanel sync processing
  • fixed initial GMT time issue for SLDP and RTMP ads insertion
  • some performance improvements
3.5.3-1 Oct 22 2018
  • support using SRT v1.3.1 (upgrading nimble-srt package is required)
  • support processing PUT requests when Icecast is published to Nimble
  • support using external handler to allow/deny playback session via HTTP-based protocols
  • some minor logging improvements
3.5.2-1 Oct 04 2018
  • added API to reload configuration file (rules.conf)
  • decode percents in mount parameter when Icecast metadata is pushed to Nimble
3.5.1-9 Sep 27 2018
  • fix sending proper Content-Type for advertising segments
  • fix HLS segments duration reporting for DVR streams
3.5.1-8 Sep 17 2018
  • support pulling Icecast streams via HTTPS
  • support receiving metadata when Icecast stream is pushed to Nimble
  • added Nimble API to get Icecast stream info

3.5.1-7 Sep 10 2018
  • support forwarding CEA-708 captions when NVENC decoder is used
3.5.1-6 Sep 06 2018
  • support using fallback URLs for MPEG-TS and HLS pull
  • print '*' chars when entering password in regutil on Windows
3.5.1-5 Aug 28 2018
  •  fixed access to VOD content on Windows via .smil when '\' slashes are used in streaming route
  •  support ads insertion to streams accessed via application aliases
  •  support MP3 audio ads insertion into RTMP streams
  •  fixed sessions and advertisements logs rotation
  •  Windows installer improvements
3.5.1-4 Aug 21 2018
  • support logging inserted advertisements info to get ads insertion stats
3.5.1-3 Aug 15 2018
  • fixed crash after mid-roll advertisement playback for Icecast stream with metadata
  • fixed GMT interval calculation for ads insertion
3.5.1-2 Aug 06 2018
  • fixed issue with recording HEVC streams when 'Keep protocol timestamps' option is enabled
3.5.1-1 Jul 30 2018
  • [premium] support server-side ads insertion for HLS video
  • support restricting URLs used by client during playback session
3.5.0-5 Jul 11 2018
  • additional error handling in json processing
  • server-side ads engine improvements for HLS
3.5.0-4 Jul 05 2018
  • use TLS SNI when connecting to WMSPanel servers
3.5.0-3 Jul 02 2018
  • fixed on-demand pull issues (proper pull task starting and stopping)
3.5.0-2 Jun 21 2018
  • fixed issues in Icecast and HLS advertizement engine
  • removed some outdated functionality (create_session_with_post option processing)
3.5.0-1 Jun 19 2018
  • [premium] server-side ads insertion for audio-only HLS
3.4.3-9 Jun 06 2018
  • fix setting idrPeriod for NVENC encoder to disable auto-insertion of I-Frames
3.4.3-8 Jun 04 2018
  • support setting deinterlace mode for NVENC decoder
3.4.3-7 May 31 2018
  • support NVENC context locking to avoid some NVENC decoder issues
  • support using TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 in stream checker
3.4.3-6 May 29 2018
  • fixed processing HLS FMP4 requests when .smil from remote VOD storage is used
  • some fixes and cleanup in error handling in task manager
  • some logging improvements
3.4.3-5 May 17 2018
  • reset Transcoder filter pipeline in case of timestamps issues in input stream when FPS filter is used
  • make HTTP return code configurable for WMSAuth/geoblocking
  • report DVR period recording end time in /manage/dvr_status API
3.4.3-4 May 08 2018
  • fix setting proper bitrate in encoder when non-default fps is used
  • fix sending Cache-Control header for re-streamed cached items
  • support caching playlists as VOD items when HLS/MPEG-DASH re-streaming is used
3.4.3-3 May 04 2018
  • switch to using GeoLite2 databases (GeoLite is considered legacy and not supported anymore)
3.4.3-2 Apr 29 2018
  • several fixes for HLS FMP4 for VOD
3.4.3-1 Apr 25 2018
  • support HLS FMP4 for VOD
  • support configuring RTMP publisher inactivity check interval
  • escape characters in PPV ID when generating JSON to send to PPV handler
  • some logging improvements
3.4.2-6 Apr 17 2018
  • some optimizations to speedup reloading DVR archives
  • some debug logging improvements
3.4.2-5 Apr 11 2018
  • fixed potential crash during management API request processing caused by buffer overflow
  • set 'image/png' content-type when sending .png files
  • some logging improvements
3.4.2-4 Apr 10 2018
  • some time calculation fixes for RTMP and SLDP streams when ads are used
  • reset video filter on PTS gap
  • some logging improvements
3.4.2-3 Apr 03 2018
  • support using AWS signature V4 when fetching VOD content from Amazon S3
  • additional error handling when reading MP4 files for advertizing
  • some debug logging improvements
3.4.2-2 Mar 28 2018
  • some compatibility improvements with input MPEG-TS streams
  • fixed another issue with video-only RTMP streams receiving/playback
  • force nimble_regutil to stop if unknown command-line option is provided
  • some performance improvements
3.4.2-1 Mar 26 2018
3.4.1-7 Mar 21 2018
  • fixed issue with video-only RTMP streams playback
3.4.1-6 Mar 19 2018
  • improve NVENC context handling to process more streams in Transcoder
  • some improvements in RTMP auth handling
3.4.1-5 Mar 12 2018
  • add support for source-specific multicast (rfc4607 SSM)
  • check Host field validity before processing request
3.4.1-4 Mar 05 2018
  • some compatibility improvements for HLS pull from Wowza
  • some fixes in Transcoder installer for macOS
3.4.1-3 Feb 28 2018
  • fixed memory leak in transcoder when fps filter is used
  • fixed stream access via RTSP when application alias is used
3.4.1-2 Feb 22 2018
  • force encoder reset if audio stream's sample rate is changed
  • fixed crash in SRT receiver caused by incorrect error handling
  • fixed memory leak in file reader providing content to decoder
3.4.1-1 Feb 05 2018
  • support using multiple SSL certificates
  • support sending HLS playlist for HTTP MPEG-TS stream
  • removed EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE tag from live HLS chunklists
3.4.0-7 Jan 31 2018
  • fixed memory leak in Transcoder caused by issues in input stream and encoder resets
3.4.0-6 Jan 25 2018
  • support decoding AC-3 audio using Nimble Transcoder
3.4.0-5 Jan 23 2018
  • support probing audio type for LATM in MPEG-TS streams
3.4.0-4 Jan 22 2018
  • support multiple audio/video programs in MPEG-TS UDP/SRT/UDT output
  • support using multiple allowed origins in ACAO header
3.4.0-3 Jan 17 2018
  • some cleanup to avoid logging confusing errors
3.4.0-2 Jan 16 2018
  • fixed crash caused by incorrect interactions with Icecast publisher
3.4.0-1 Jan 14 2018
3.3.2-3 Jan 09 2018
  • enable using TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for SSL syncs (WMSPanel/PPV/PPP)
  • fixed crash if PPS is empty in RTSP stream
  • some logging improvements

See also older release notes. If you don't see your Nimble Streamer version on this page, we strongly recommend upgrading your Nimble Streamer instance.


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