March 19, 2024

Ogg/FLAC support in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer Icecast streaming feature set covers many use cases and supports multiple codecs.

Now Nimble also supports FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) with Ogg container for Icecast.

You may use it in various combinations:

  • Take Icecast input with Ogg/FLAC content and then deliver FLAC Icecast content further to any number of listeners without changing the codec. All features related to content protection and monetization can be applied to the output Icecast.
  • Decode FLAC via Nimble Live Transcoder, encode it into AAC or MP3 and deliver further via any supported protocol, including Icecast, audio-only HLS, SLDP or any other. You may also transcode it into Opus for WebRTC delivery. Notice that you'll need to upgrade your Transcoder package to do that.

This allows using Ogg/FLAC in any of the workflows needed to deliver high quality audio to your listeners.

Let us know of your experience with audio features of Nimble Streamer.

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