March 7, 2024

Axinom DRM in Nimble Streamer

Axinom DRM has recently been added to Nimble Streamer DRM bundle.

It allows protecting live and on-demand content with Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady DRM encryptions.

Its setup is as easy as any other DRM, here's an example:

drm {
  application = live_drm
  type = axinom
  axinom_tenant_id = 0e51eeee-7921-5678-zzzz-xxxxxxxxxxx
  axinom_management_key = faa6dddd-1234-nnnn-yyyyyyyyyy
  content_id = 1232345-8602-11ea-b04b-7fccdabcdef1
  content_ids {
    stream1 = 1232345-8602-11ea-b04b-7fccdabcdef2
    stream2 = 1232345-8602-11ea-b04b-7fccdabcdef3

You'll need to obtain Tentant ID and Managemetn key from Axinom.

Also notice that you need to specify the content IDs because it's being used for content licensing.

Let us know of your experience with Nimble Streamer DRM.

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