March 1, 2012

Daily statistics report

We've launched a new type of reports for media servers customers, we call it "Daily Stats". They show data collected into 24-hours buckets.

Daily statistics report.
Each data slice now has its daily granulated statistics. Each day includes a chart and a raw data table.

Basic metrics on a common chart.
You can see quick general overview of daily stats in this screen cast in addition to description below:

The chart shows basic metrics of media connections from the table below. You can switch them off and on, thus removing or adding charts. You can also get them on paper by just clicking "Print" link - this will generate printer-friendly version.

Each date is a link to a Single day summary which has detailed data which WMSPanel has on a given day.

Data listed in the table contains the following. You can also switch certain columns off and on to make it fit your screen.

Viewers count (blue bars on the chart) contains amounts of connections for each of supported protocols.  And also a sum of those numbers.

Peak connections contains peak number of connections appeared on any given day.

Traffic (red curve) data is represented by In, Out and Lost amounts of bytes being transferred. High degree numbers are measured in metric system.

Duration (orange dots) is presented as 2 numbers - average and total play time - and a separate link to duration report available for a variety of time intervals.

Peak Bandwidth (green curve) shows the maximum transmission speed in bits per second.

So all you need to do is to pick the dates range and get the table of total numbers.

You may adjust time zone setting to make data to be collected conveniently for your customers. If you want to use WMSPanel daily stats as an origin for further processing, like for third party billing, you can use our statistics push API.

More useful features are expected in our roadmap. Feel free to try our solution free of charge.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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