March 7, 2013

User permissions management

As our data slices concept is being used by larger number of customers, they face the need for extending user permissions settings for their accounts in WMSPanel.

We have 2 kinds of users.
  • Admins are allowed to install the agent for Wowza server, add it to the panel, define data slices and add users for their customers there. They also are able to manage servers and set up connections restriction.
  • Users are allowed to see a variety of reports just for the slices which they are allowed to see.
An admin may create a new user for a data slice in 2 ways - create as new and assign existing user to a slice.

Entering new user is simple. Being in data slice details page, just type user email and password and then click on "Create user".

Managing users of selected data slice.

Then you can just follow "Edit" link to see and edit full details:

Edit user settings including default data slice and interface language.

Here you see that a user may be assigned to one data slice to browse its reports by default after login. You can also set up default UI language so the person won't have to switch when logging in the first time.
Assigning existing user is even more simple. Click on the "Assign existing user" link to see this dialog:
Assigning an existing user.
Just select a name and click on Assign. After that you can take a look at users list and see that "Data slices" column for this user indicates "2", meaning this one can browse reports from 2 slices.

After he (or she) logs in, the top menu has 2 slices:

User sees 2 slices which he is assigned to.
So now you can create several slices for the same client of yours and let them switch among them to have full picture of their statistics via daily and high-precision reports.

Also notice that you can also define permissions for all users in particular slice. Read this article for more details.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

Each slice users also have ability to control DVRs and any other streams via MediaCaster cameras stream control.
You can also allow your users to manage their Wowza servers. This is done via centralized users details and permissions management.

If you haven't got familiar with our reporting capabilities yet, feel free to sign up and try our solution free of charge for 2 weeks.

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