July 29, 2020

Slice-wide permissions in WMSPanel

WMSPanel cloud service provides full set of capabilities for controlling Nimble Streamer behavior as well as reporting its stats. The main instrument to split stats is a data slice which allows defining servers and respective applications or streams to get stats from.

The hierarchy of users in WMSPanel account is simple - admin users ("admins") can do anything, non-admin users (or "users") are allowed to see the stats in the data slices where they are assigned. However if you need to give some non-admin a permission to do something with server setting, you can define individual permissions, it's described in this article.

There are cases when you need to define some set of permissions to an entire set of non-admin users.

Now WMSPanel provides this option using data slices. The main idea is as follows:
  • Create a slice.
  • Assign a set of servers which you want to give control to.
  • Assign non-admin users which you want to give permissions to.
  • Define permissions.
Those permissions will be applied to all users and they will be allowed to make specific set of operations over the servers assigned to this particular slice.

When a non-admin user switches to particular slices, he or she gets access to servers and as allowed by slice' permissions list.

Data slice permissions and per-user permissions (defined as described here) are combined together in a white-list manner. So, if you set "Incoming streams" in per-user permissions list and "Outgoing streams" in a data slice permissions list, a given user will access incoming streams in any slice and outgoing streams in that particular slice only.

We strongly recommend to enable 2-factor authorization for all admin users and non-admins with special set of permissions to improve the level of your security.

Let's see how it's set up.

Go to slices management page by clicking on Manage link under the top menu. Create a new slice if you haven't created it yet.

For the designated slices, click on "gears" icon on the right from the slice details, it's there among other icons. You will see a dialog like this.

Once you click on "0 permissions" you'll see a list of permissions for a particular server. Just click on check boxes for required features.

You can do that for all servers from those assigned to the slice.
Clicking on a check box near server name checks all features.

That's it. Once you save settings, they will be applied to your slice and your users will be able to use selected features.

Secure your account in 3 easy steps
 article gives more ideas about working securely in WMSPanel.

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