May 13, 2013

Progressive download re-streaming

Recently we've introduced progressive download support for Nimble HTTP Streamer. It already allowed pseudo-streaming via HTTP partial content delivery. It works via Range header for HTML5 video and Flash player. You can see it in action at this demo.

So now we did the next step and added progressive re-streaming support just as we did for HLS and Smooth edge re-streaming. What you can do now is to set an origin server containing the content for the progressive download and then set up a number of edges to re-stream it. Needless to say that Nimble streamer can be used as progressive download origin.

Why would you need this whole thing of "origin-edge" for progressive download pseudo-streaming? As always, the primary use cases are load balancing and content delivery speed improvement.

Example of Nimble-based progressive download infrastructure.

How would it work for these cases and how would Nimble help with that?

  1. You have a video on demand content which you want to show to your customers via HTML5 video or some Flash player.
  2. You go to Rackspace (or Amazon if you wish) and buy a cheap $10 virtual server. It will already have plenty of CPU and RAM for working with the Streamer.
  3. Install Nimble Streamer on this server and set up progressive download routes.
  4. You got the progressive download origin ready to work.
  5. Now set up virtual servers with Nimble Streamer on board in the locations near the users of your content. This might be in the same physical location or on another continent, depending on your business' use cases.
  6. Set up routes for each of the Streamer using centralized WMSPanel admin interface. The set up of Nimble Streamer routes is made the same way as for HLS re-streaming.
  7. Now set up your web page player to take data from new sources.

You're all set: you have an infrastructure for progressive download.

Note that each edge may be also used as an origin and vice versa. You can also protect your origins and edges from hotlinking using WMSAuth.

So now if you think this feature set might be useful for you then try Nimble Streamer by signing up at WMSPanel and installing the Streamer.

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