May 30, 2013

WMSAuth Wowza bandwidth limitation

Since the introduction of WMSAuth for Wowza, we've been receiving various customers requests about new features. Some of them has already been implemented and recently we've added bandwidth limitation capabilities.

Now for WMSAuth group containing designated servers any WMSAuth rule may have bandwidth restriction. It's defined as decimal number of Gbps.

Setting bandwidth limit.
As any other restriction with WMSAuth the bandwidth limit may be set for any combination of

  • server;
  • virtual host;
  • application;
  • application instance;
  • stream.

Limitation is being checked and applied when someone tries to connect. Currently consumed bandwidth is compared to the limit. If the limit is higher than current consumption then connection is allowed else connection is rejected.

Please check FAQ and Troubleshooting section in case of any problems or questions.

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