April 23, 2015

Repair and migrate Nimble configs

Streaming infrastructure maintenance requires some operations with hardware. The hardware may fail some time, it may be upgraded to improve the performance, or your system may need to be moved to other physical location. Being part of streaming infrastructure, Nimble Streamer server instance may need to down and then re-installed again. As it's a high-performance software, it may have a lot of streams' setting so losing the configuration in case of hardware changes is a bad option.

To cover cases like hardware change we added a recovery mode for Nimble Streamer installer. It will re-register the instance in recovery mode and WMSPanel will push existing configs to it.

When you install Nimble Steamer via this instruction, you need to complete the first step called "Install Nimble server" and stop before following the next step about registration - you will need to use a special command. It will register your existing server back with the same ID and apply existing settings. It will allow WMSPanel to work with new instance just like it's the existing one.
Please back up your rules.conf before using this method to avoid accidental damages.
To find this special command, you need to click to Servers top menu, then click on existing server name. You will see server info with Recovery Manual button.

Clicking on it you will see a recovery dialog explaining this operation and showing the command to be used for the recovery.

The Linux command will be as follows:
sudo /usr/bin/nimble_regutil --recovery-id ec350770-4218-23d0-9abb-e1a02b133107
For Windows this will be similar:
"Program Files\Nimble Streamer\nibmle_regutil.exe" --recovery-id ec350770-4218-23d0-9abb-e1a02b13310
Notice that the directories may be different according to the location you chose during Nimble Streamer installation.

Run this command and your server will be registered. Reload the Nimble instance and your server will be shown as Online, with all configs moved to it.

This is one of the advantages of using WMSPanel. Using our service you will have a convenient UI to control your entire infrastructure. Another great example is Nimble deployment automation and adding the existing Nimble via web UI along with its config.

Cloud backups of Nimble configuration

Cloud backups of Nimble Streamer configuration: with this new feature you can save streaming configs of your Nimble Streamer instances into WMSPanel to improve redundancy. You can do it manually or automatically, the price is just 1 USD per month per backup.

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  1. Dear Support, I want to know how to migrate Nimble transcoder from one account to the other. Is there a way to move transcoder with its configuration from one account to the other.
    Please assist me with it.

    Thank you.



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