November 16, 2016

Processing published Icecast in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer has wide audio streaming feature set which includes both live and VOD. Live audio streaming covers both transmuxing and transcoding of Icecast pulled streams.

Now we're expanding this feature set by supporting the published Icecast sources which have MP3 or AAC codecs.

Current solution was tested with a number of existing Icecast publishing solutions, some of them are as follows:

Those tools' configuration files and sample playlists can be found in a separate githib repo in our account.

In our case the standard "source" login is used and the password is "secret" - just for demo purposes.

Let's see how it's set up for Nimble Streamer using WMSPanel.

First we need to define interfaces used for accepting published Icecast stream. Go to Nimble Streamer -> Live streams settings, choose your server from the drop down list and click on Interfaces tab.

List of interfaces
Now click on Add Icecast interface to see dialog as shown below.

Define Icecast interface

Add IP Address and Port here. Usually it's 8000 port and you may keep IP Address field blank if you need all IP addresses to be listened.

Now click on Applications tab to see the list of existing apps. Then click on Add application settings to define new app.

Adding new application for Icecast published stream

Here the application name will be "icecast", as defined in the configs. The login is "source" and password as "secret" - same as in configs.

Save settings to apply them to your servers.

Now the published Icecast stream will be available for playback or other actions within a few seconds once the settings are applied to the server. Now go to Nimble Streamer -> Live Streams menu to see the appeared incoming stream and then switch to Outgoing streams to see the result output. There you will be able to try playback and get the output stream URL for your further usage, as described in this article.

Further audio streaming options

Metadata - you can work with it using Nimble settings:

With Icecast/SHOUTcast streams being processed in via single transmuxing engine you may also use them in various scenarios like these mentioned below.


Qosifire quality monitoring service allows tracking the availability of Icecast streams and perform silence detection.


Online radio snapshot page shows how to use Nimble Streamer and other Softvelum products for building audio delivery.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding audio streaming, we're opened for discussions.

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