June 7, 2017

HEVC support in Nimble Streamer Transcoder

HEVC (H.265) is a high-efficiency codec, best fit for high resolution video like HD, 4K and 8K streaming. Nimble Streamer Live Transcoder now supports HEVC transcoding in addition to already supported transmuxing feature set.

Live Transcoder allows performing both decoding and encoding of HEVC.

To receive HEVC for transcoding, Nimble Streamer allows processing 
  • RTSP from published and pulled sources;
  • MPEG-TS via both UDP and HTTP. 
The result stream can be delivered using


The following methods are currently supported for decoding HEVC content for further transformation:


Currently the encoding is performed only via hardware acceleration by Quick Sync and NVENC.

Easy control

Live Transcoder has easy to use Web UI which provides drag-n-drop workflow editor to apply transcoding scenarios across various servers in a few clicks.
With FFmpeg filters you can transform content in various ways, e.g. change the video resize, make graphic overlays, picture-in-picture, key frames alignments, audio re-sampling etc.

Feel free to visit Live Transcoder webpage for other transcoding features description and contact us if you have any question.

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