June 15, 2017

SLDP Player: iOS SDK for RTMP and SLDP playback

Our company is continuously improving its mobile solutions. They already include SDKs for streaming from mobile devices via RTMP and RTSP along with corresponding Larix Broadcaster and Larix Screencaster free apps.

Our customers are also interested in adding playback capabilities into heir applications. So today we introduce SLDP Player SDK for iOS and Android.

It allows playing streams as follows:

  • RTMP is a commonly used protocol for live streaming to end-users devices so now you can use it in your apps.
  • SLDP is the low latency real-time streaming protocol. This protocol allows delivery of media with sub-second latency at the end-users' devices. Now you can add playback capabilities for having low delay streaming to your users' iOS devices.
  • SRT plaback
  • Icecast playback.
  • H.264 video and AAC audio media types are supported as in iOS platform itself.
You can try it in action using SLDP Player free application.

Visit our website to subscribe to our mobile SDKs.

We'll soon release Android version SLDP Player, so stay tuned for updates.

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