June 12, 2017

SLDP proprietary streaming protection

Our company has released SLDP - the low latency real-time streaming protocol. It allows delivery of media with sub-second latency at the end-users' devices.

SLDP is a proprietary solution created with security in mind to make sure your content is delivered efficiently and safe.

SLDP has its own data transfer algorithm so media server and a player both control data transmission and their algorithms are not visible to the outside observer. This is why it's not covered by any modern stream grabbers. So your stream is not intercepted by anyone but played well in the player.
If it's grabbed by any software, our team will modify both parts of delivery mechanism - server and player - to cover these new circumstances.

Learn more about SLDP

One more option on top of that is to use SSL connection for transfer. This will prevent your stream's data from sniffing. Nimble Streamer allows enabling SSL for outgoing connections, this will cover SLDP as well. Your URL for our players will have wss:// prefix instead of ws:// in this case.

And of course, you may apply any feature from our paywall feature set which includes hotlink protection, geo-location and IP range block, pay-per-view framework and some other capabilities. Visit our paywall page to see all capabilities.
Bottom line: use SLDP to securely transfer your live streams.
Your media will be delivered with high security and low latency.

You can try SLDP in action any time by installing Nimble Steamer. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Take a look at the answers for frequent questions to improve your SLDP usage.

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  1. Very impressed so far it's ideal for a modern replacement to flash streaming. Can't wait for IOS Support on SLDP Player.

  2. our IOS playback SDK is ready for sale. Both SLDP and RTMP are supported. We are publishing test application to IOS now.
    Native sldp support in IOS browsers will be available once IOS will support MSE. It looks like MSE will be supported in IOS 11.

  3. Guys, you've been released paid SLDP SDK for HTML - is it correct, that from now we can't use SLDP player (downloaded from http://softvelum.com/player/releases/sldp-v2.0.2.min.js) for free?
    Or you mean< that player is free, but some extended Api for it - licensed separatly?

    1. You can use SLDP Player free of charge. And if you want to create your own player based on SLDP Player - you'll need to get SDK. But the player itself is a freeware.

    2. And what API commands available for free SLDP Player:
      "init" and "destroy". Is that all? Thank you.

    3. Can you, please, provide what else api commands(else than "init" and "destroy") I can use with free SLDP Player for HTML? Thank you.

    4. Sorry, but free SLDP player has no API beyond "init" and "destroy".

    5. Thank you!
      Will SLDP Player support other protocols like HLS and DASH in the future?

    6. HLS and DASH is much differ from SLDP, so it would take a big effort to support it. And there is plenty of other players for HLS and DASH, I don't think another player would be demanded.

  4. We have problem with SLDP player - it does not play stream if there is now audio in the stream. How we can solve such problem?
    Thank you.

    1. Could you please send more details to https://wmspanel.com/help ? We'll need your playback URL and other details so please contact us.