July 8, 2020

Instant inactivity disconnect for SRT and other MPEGTS-based streams

Nimble Streamer supports a wide range of transport protocols which use MPEG-TS container such as SRT, RISTHLSMPEG2TS over UDP and over HTTP.

Part of default behavior for MPEGTS-based streams in Nimble Streamer is that when the input is interrupted for some reason, the output stream is still available. Here's an example. The SRT stream is published, then it's interrupted, however the HLS chunklist is still available having only old chunks.
This goes on until the 30 seconds timeout stops the stream, or the input is resumed.

There is now an option to interrupt the output streaming right at the moment when the input is interrupted. This is enabled on a server level via this config parameter:
mpeg2ts_instant_camera_remove = true
Read our parameters reference page for more details on operating server parameters.

This feature covers the following input protocols:
  • SRT input in all modes.
  • RIST input in all modes.
  • Pulled MPEG2TS over HTTP.
  • Pulled HLS.
The following protocols do not support this feature
  • MPEGTS over UDP, as there's no protocol capability for that.

Having that feature enabled, you will also be able to use Streams failover hot swap and Emergency streams hot swap features for on-the-fly transparent streams replacement.

Let us know if you have questions about this feature.

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