July 30, 2020

Streaming SRT via OBS Studio with Nimble Streamer and Larix Broadcaster

OBS Studio team added support for SRT in their software recently. That is a great improvement and we highly recommend using that protocol for your delivery to and from OBS.

In this article we're going to show how you can use OBS with two products of our team. Here are the scenarios we'll cover:
  1. Set up OBS Studio to receive SRT.
  2. Set up Larix Broadcaster to send SRT to OBS Studio.
  3. Set up OBS Studio to send out SRT stream.
  4. Set up Nimble Streamer to receive streams from OBS Studio.
This will make a complete pipe from your mobile device through OBS to a software media server located wherever you need it.

Notice that points 1 and 2 are also covered in our video tutorial about streaming SRT to OBS from Larix Broadcaster and Screencaster, you can also watch it below.

We assume you already installed all three products: the latest version (25.0.8+) of OBS on your local computer, Larix Broadcaster on your mobile and Nimble Streamer on one of your servers.

Set up Larix Broadcaster

Open Larix Broadcaster, click on gear icon to enter Settings menu. Tap on Connections.

In our example we already have some connections so let's add a new one by tapping on New connection.

Name field can be defined to distinct a new connection from existing ones.
URL field has to be similar to "srt://" - that is your computer IP and the port which you defined on previous step.

Save setting to see it in the list, then tap on its check box. This will enable this connection for streaming.

Now you can get back to video preview and tap on big red Recording button to start streaming to OBS.

Please refer to Larix documentation reference page for other articles and videos of Larix setup and usage.

Set OBS for SRT input from Larix Broadcaster

Open OBS and check Sources area.

Add new or change existing Media Source.

Enter a URL like this into Input field.
In our case is the IP of your computer. You need to change IP address to the IP of your own computer. If you'd like to use some other port, you need to change it as well.

Don't forget to allow incoming UDP traffic in the firewall settings for the specified port.

That's it, click on OK to save the media source. If you have Larix Broadcaster streaming, you'll see the picture.

Video tutorial

Also, take a look at the following tutorial of Larix Broadcaster and Screencaster setup for OBS Studio streaming.

Set OBS for SRT output to Nimble Streamer

Once you have some stream in your OBS, you can publish it to Nimble Streamer. Here's what you need to do for that.
Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Go to File -> Settings menu.
  2. Open Output tab.
  3. In Output mode field choose Advanced.
  4. Choose Recording tab.
  5. Select Type as Custom Output.
  6. In FFMpeg Output Type select Output to URL.
  7. In output URL enter "srt://" or IP/port which you're going to use with Nimble Streamer - we'll define that in the next section. In this example is the IP address of your Nimble Streamer instance.
  8. Set Container format to "mpegts".
  9. You can use default encoders and decoders, or select the one you want to use, such as libx264.
Here are the settings we have as we complete them:

That's it. Now let's set up Nimble.

Set Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer has full support for SRT. This article describes full SRT setup in Nimble Streamer and you should refer to it for all details.

Now open Nimble Streamer -> Live streams setting menu, choose MPEGTS In tab and click on Add SRT stream button.

You see this dialog:

Here's what we do in our case:
  1. Set Receiver mode to Listen.
  2. Local IP can be set to "" to process streams from all interfaces.
  3. Local port should be whatever you can use on your server. In our case it's "2020".
  4. Alias can be set to something you will see for this stream identification going forward in setup.
  5. If you click on Add outgoing stream and enter app and stream name, WMSPanel will create the outgoing stream automatically using the names which you provided.
Once you save, you'll have it all set.

To start streaming from OBS, pressing Start Recording button.

Once you do that, Nimble will provide the outgoing stream.

E.g. if HLS is enabled for this server instance, your HLS stream URL would be

If you need to make further streaming via RTMP, check RMTP digest page and related articles there like RTMP republishing setup.

Please refer to full SRT setup instruction to see what else you can do with SRT setup or further re-streaming. Also, check Glass-to-glass delivery setup to see another example of SRT usage with our products.

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  1. hi. i need help on this issue. unable to conect larrix to obs. i want to know the active port im having on pc. unfortunately i cannot

    1. You can contact us via https://wmspanel.com/help to check your settings.


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