March 22, 2021

Stream to AWS MediaConnect via SRT from Larix Broadcaster

AWS Elemental MediaConnect recently announced their support for SRT ingest. This makes it capable of receiving streams from all modern encoders, media servers and other SRT-powered software.

Larix Broadcaster has full support of SRT besides RTMP. RTSP and RIST, it also allows streaming simultaneously to multiple destinations.

Here's a brief instruction for how you can stream from Larix to MediaConnect using SRT.

Set up MediaConnect

First, log into your AWS account, go to MediaConnect control page and open Flows section.

Then click on Create flow to enter flow creation dialog.

First you enter a name for your flow and select availability zone if you need to. The Protocol name needs to be SRT listener. Another important field to specify is Inbound port which will be used for further connection setup. Also, White list CIDR block must be specified to allow your devices streaming into Media Connect.

Once you save the flow, you'll see the Inbound IP address, you'll need it for further connection setup.

Click on Start for your flow to get it ready to receive the content.

Now let's proceed with Larix Broadcaster setup.

Set up Larix Broadcaster via Larix Grove

If you haven't installed Larix Broadcaster yet, you can do it via Google Play and AppStore.

Now, in order to set up Larix easily, we'll use Larix Grove. Larix Grove format allows propagating streaming setting across devices using special URL. It can be distributed via QR code for easier import in your device. So we'll create QR code with our SRT ingest point.

Go to Larix Grove wizard, enter srt://ipaddress:port in URL field and select Caller mode for this connection. Click on QR code button to get the image.

Having the QR code, scan it it on our device using any app capable of that. It will open Larix Broadcaster and will import the connection settings automatically. All you'll need to do  after that it to tap on big red start button to initiate the stream.

Check MediaConnect input

Now go to MediaConnect, you'll see when your input becomes active.

You will see charts which means you have the stream up and running. You may also change flow setup if you need to make changes specific to SRT protocol, like set up latency, maxbw or other parameters.

You can use AWS Elemental MediaConnect documentation to see what you can do next with your stream.

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