March 4, 2021

Cloud backups of Nimble Streamer configuration

With cloud backups you can save streaming configs of your Nimble Streamer instances into WMSPanel to improve redundancy. You can do it manually or automatically.

Here are basic principles of our cloud backup approach.
  • Nimble Streamer streaming-related settings are defined via WMSPanel UI and stored in WMSPanel account and also locally in rules.conf file.
  • So usually customers perform backup by copying rules.conf for further restoration.
  • WMSPanel cloud backup allows copying all streaming-related settings into a distributed database within Softvelum cloud infrastructure.
  • A customer may initiate backups manually, as well as set automated backups creation. They all will be stored in the cloud.
  • If a customer needs to get back to some version of their cloud backup, he or she can restore it within WMSPanel account as a new server instance.
  • After a backup is restored, a customer can initiate respective server instance to obtain these settings from WMSPanel, thus make new server to move into previous state.
  • Cloud backups have multi-step removal process in order to avoid accidental damage.

The price is just 1 USD per month per backup.

More details can be found on Cloud backups page.

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