March 15, 2021

Converting NDI to Apple Low Latency HLS

Nimble Streamer supports NDI processing to get real-time input and produce multiple output formats. Apple Low Latency HLS is one of the protocols that can be produced from NDI.

We've made a brief video demonstration of how Nimble Streamer can produce Apple Low Latency HLS from NDI source stream.

Here are the steps described there:

  1. We use Nimble Streamer instance which has been previously installed.
  2. That instance has SSL set up with HTTP/2 enabled.
  3. Low Latency HLS is then enabled for a separate application.
  4. Then NDI processing was set up via Nimble Live Transcoder.
  5. The output is then checked for playback on Mac and iPhone.
We used default recommended settings:
  • 6 seconds chunks,
  • 1000ms parts duration,
  • 2000ms key frame interval.
Our latency is around 4 seconds on both Apple devices. You can follow our Low Latency HLS setup article to get more details about reducing the latency and other tips and tricks.

You can also watch Low Latency HLS setup tutorial and NDI setup tutorial to see more details about these respective technologies in depth.