March 19, 2024

SRT multipoint listener in Larix Broadcaster

Softvelum products have wide support for SRT streaming, processing and playback.

Larix Broadcaster has various capabilities for SRT streaming including all modes - Caller, Listener and Rendezvous - and a number of SRT parameters.

SRT Listen mode now allows streaming as a multipoint listener on both Android and iOS.

It means that your consumers who want to get live content from same mobile can pull the stream simultaneously without waiting for connection to be available. This opens a use case when you set up your streaming mobile device and have various participants of the same production team to get same content with no need to re-set the connection settings.

If you choose to provide an SRT stream in Listen mode, Larix will also provide Max listener connections parameter to set control on how many consumers can access the stream simultaneously.

Try it now with Larix Broadcaster:

Let us know if you have any questions about this or any other feature of Larix products.

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