March 15, 2012

Branded panel (white label) explained

Recently we've had a raise of interest to one of our unique features. I'm talking about branded panel. What makes it so special? As you know, WMSPanel front-end is a web-site available at domain. So when a customer creates an account, he goes there, adds servers and starts watching our nice charts and detailed reports. Say, it would be imaginary Ultimate Media Streaming Co., Ltd (or just UMS) located at imaginary

When this customer wants to show the charts or the numbers to respective clients, he creates data slices which allow him to separate clients' data and reports. After that he's supposed to give his clients new credentials and forward them to, which becomes a third-party for both UMS and its client.

This is where branded panel comes in. WMSPanel can camouflage itself into a customer's control panel. It's also commonly known as a white label.
You set up the following customized items:

  • domain;
  • company logo;
  • custom favicon.ico;
  • custom CSS.

So you give new URL to your customers and the panel will look they way you want.

Moreover, you can set up any number of branded domains and each will have its own logo as well. So each of the data slices may have its domain for reporting.

Here's how log in window will look like for branded domain as example:

Customer-flavored log in screen.
Nice branded control panel.

How to set up the white label

First, our UMS Co., Ltd chooses what domain they would prefer for showing their stats to customers. Let's assume it would be UMS admin makes mapping of this subdomain to WMSPanel IP-address like this: CNAME
(take a note of dots at the ends of domain names!)

Customer prepares their company logo. PNG with transparent or black background, having 112*40 pixels or proportional size, is the best option for that.

Now customer admin goes to the panel Settings -> Branding menu. There he adds the new mapped domain he'd like to map his panel to. He also uploads company logo which was prepared earlier.

In addition he may set up a custom CSS to make the white label panel look exactly the same as the main website to make perfect user experience.

Settings up white label domains and logos.
Selecting logo to chosen domain.

After that UMS representative may provide link and user credentials to any client created with company's data slices.

OK, so as you see from the screenshot below, a user sees company logo browsing company's domain. So this looks like the same old place, and his streaming provider just gave him some nice new control panel to track his assets. No mentions of any third-parties, just our customer and the client.

Check white label demo in this screen cast:

Needless to say that having this web site based on HTML and JavaScript you can show this to your customers via any PC or mobile platform, like iOS or Android, as it does not require Flash plugins installed.

Panel branding comes free of charge.

As you may have noticed, WMSPanel works via HTTPS protocol, but branded panel doesn't. We cannot expand the certificate to any other domains besides thus we just avoid it for customer domain. You can set up white label via SSL by yourself, read this blog post for details.

So if you've already signed up at WMSPanel and are ready to use the branding, please contact us for further actions. If you haven't tried our solution yet, do it today.

White label is also applicable for working with Nimble Streamer, the light-weight HTTP streaming server for HLS, Smooth and progressive download. WMSPanel is an official GUI for Nimble Streamer.

Read more about slice-related features in on the dedicated Slices & Branding page.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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