March 1, 2012

Duration analysis report

WMSPanel provides duration reports for supported media servers as part of Daily Stats reporting. Here's a overall description of this feature.

Wowza time and duration report.
First, it shows total play time and average play time. Check out "Play time" column on a snapshot below.
Also, we were thinking of some metric that would allow our customers seeing information about how long do their customers stream a media. Having many options we decided to show most general info to start. Our report shows distribution of viewers among time intervals. Take a look at example:

There are 13 intervals chosen:
  • From 5 up to 30 seconds with 5-seconds steps; a viewer just opened a stream, checked it and closed connection. Or this could be an advertisement.
  • Up to 5 minutes; e.g. people were watching short music videos.
  • 5-15 minutes; that might be some news block or long music videos.
  • Up to 30 minutes; a small documentary?
  • Up to 1 hour; this might be TV series or a radio show;
  • Up to 2 hours; a whole movie may be watched during that time or may be a game;
  • Up to 3 hours; this could be a "Titanic" movie...
  • More than 3 hours; this means that someone was listening your radio station all the time.
So each interval includes the right boundary, e.g "<5m" means a count of viewers that were streaming for a period between 0:31 and 5:00.

Note that these duration numbers are shown per data slice. Each date is a link to single day summary.

This report has been covered in our daily stats review screen cast:

This metric may be split to several other intervals but we needed something to start with. So if you think we need some more - let us know.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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