March 31, 2012

High precision report

Recently we've been improving WMSPanel reporting capabilities with features that would be useful for billing purposes. Daily Stats functionality shows several important numbers that are often used for charging clients. Those are views count, peak bandwidth and traffic. There is also total duration counted for each day. They are all combined and calculated using 30-seconds sync-ups which a server gives to our front-end.

Even though we get and process these numbers on a high-frequency basis, industry standards often require other calculations. A lot of companies prefer 5 minutes interval for calculations.

And so we make those calculations. For selected date and time range we collect:
  • peak bandwidth taken as a maximum of all peak numbers per given 5-minute ranges
  • time of peak bandwidth;
  • 95% peak bandwidth;
  • total traffic - the amount of information transferred during time period;
  • total count of visitors.
Chart information is shown with 5 minutes intervals.

If a visitor started watching at 13:59 and finished watching at 14:11, his connection will be added to total number of connections in 14:10 bucket. His traffic, however, will be spread among 4 intervals: 13:55, 14:00. 14:05 and 14:10.

So last night live football streaming will be measured precisely by the time of the game, with ability to get number of people watching game periods and advertising.

We added those 4 new calculated numbers in addition to existing combined reports and high-detailed reports.

High precision report: peak and 95% bandwidth, traffic and connections.

This report is located in "Reporting" top menu, "High Precision Data" item.

You can pick up a date and a time for a required period. Besides selected date-time range this report shows data for last day, last week and last month.

Date-time picker allows selecting precise range.
The chart shows last 24 hours with 5 minute points. You can pick up maximum range of 48 hours. Having wider range will make the chart just unusable.

You may select any dates range and then click Export to get all data a single CSV file.

Data collection is enabled on demand and it requires an additional subscription. We store detailed data for 3 months.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding this functionality.

High precision reporting is available for both Nimble Streamer and Wowza.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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