December 27, 2012

Single day summary


For those of you who is already familiar with Wowza Daily stats reporting which includes all kinds of everyday-use information, we prepared one more "view angle" of the data. We took a one day view and included all information available for the selected day.

It's available either from top "Reporting" menu or by the link from Daily or Duration stats.

Basic information and map of visits for selected day. 

Peak band. advanced duration info with countries and cities stats.

Here you can see the following information.
  • Viewers total and per-protocol count;
  • Play time - average and total;
  • Traffic and bandwidth stats;
  • Detailed views per duration statistics;
  • Geo location data including map of visitors distribution and countries/cities statistics.
This report might help analyzing daily events as well as taking a simple overview of current status.

It's been covered in our daily stats review screen cast:

You can find this and other features in our Wowza control and reporting panel.

The single day summary is also applicable for Nimble Streamer, the light-weight HTTP streaming server for HLS, Smooth and progressive download. WMSPanel is an official GUI for Nimble Streamer.

Read more about WMSPanel streaming reporting.

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