February 4, 2015

Icecast metadata passthrough support

Nimble Streamer has a decent set of audio streaming features. Most popular ones are transmuxing from various protocols to HLS, including audio-only HLS, streaming Icecast from RTMP and other protocols and Icecast re-streaming.

Icecast re-streaming is a popular scenario as Nimble allows handling multiple simultaneous connections to get the most from server throughput along with calculating various statistics.

To be fully compliant with all Icecast capabilities and allow users to see full information on the music being performed, Nimble supports Icecast metadata tags. If the original stream has meta information, then Nimble will add it into its stream.

Showing Icecast metadata in VLC.
Common tags include artist, title, channel name etc. so now your favorite player can show that info.

Another useful metadata feature is the ability to append any custom metadata to Icecast stream via WMSPanel UI. If you use Nimble Live Transcoder for the streaming scenarios which involve Icecast streams, you need to use this instruction about passing through the metadata.

If you use incoming RTMP stream as a source of Icecast and that RTMP has metadata, you may use RMTP metadata for Icecast generation. If you'd like to passthrough the RTMP Icecast metadata via Live Transcoder, please follow this article.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding audio streaming, we're opened for discussions.

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