February 26, 2015

Comparing streams performance via In-depth statistics

In-depth statistics being part of WMSPanel reporting framework or Deep stats, is very popular as it gives full overview of a customer's content performance. Each VOD file or live stream has full set of daily statistics.

In addition to browsing selected streams' and groups' data, you may also compare their performance, i.e. compare metrics for streams and groups for the same period of time.

You may go to Deep stats report and start a search with any regular expression you need. Getting the result, you will see list of items which you may select by clicking on check boxes. 

Searching for VOD files stats.

Another option is to compare groups of results described in this article. Just click on Compare button near the list of groups to get the comparison.

Comparing groups of streams and files.

The comparison page has 
  • a list of metrics which you may select to compare and 
  • pie charts for each metric.

Files and streams comparison results.
You may select different metrics to compare and get new charts right away.

Switching between metrics to compare.

Pointing your to each pie shares, you will see numbers and percentile of each metric per file or stream.

Also, WMSPanel provides the API for accessing available data for further interpretation within third-party analysis tools.

New In-depth statistics metrics are coming soon, so follow our blog or social media (Facebook TwitterGoogle+) to get updates.

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