February 15, 2015

Nimble Streamer for Windows is here

Nimble Streamer was initially designed as a high-efficient server software. As Linux is the most used platform for web, we initially started our development with Linux releases, having other platforms in mind.

Today we've done the next step forward. We're introducing Windows release of Nimble Streamer. It's the same excellent Nimble software which is already used for Linux servers worldwide, but now you may also try it on your Windows desktop as well on Windows server.

Try this release now via easy-to-use installer: https://wmspanel.com/nimble/install#os_windows

Basic steps include WMSPanel registration (if you haven't yet done it), installation via setup wizard and server registration. Having Nimble Streamer installed you may setup all the streaming scenarios which we have a lot in our features package.

Feel free to share your Windows usage experience of Nimble, we're opened for any feedback.

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