February 26, 2015

In-depth statistics grouping of files and streams

WMSPanel reporting framework has several features which cover basically everything an average streamer needs to know more about his audience and streaming infrastructure performance.

In-depth statistics, or Deep stats, became very popular from the moment of introduction. This report gives full overview of a customer's content performance. Each VOD file or live stream has full set of daily statistics for each day within stats storage time. WMSPanel also provides the API for accessing available data for further interpretation within third-party analysis tools.

As a lot of content is available via adaptive bitrate - e.g. SMIL file for VOD or ABR streams for live HLS - there needs to be a way of combining stats for similar streams to make further analysis. This is why we introduce Deep stats groups.

Making groups of results allows:

  • save popular searches for further re-use;
  • browse combined statistics of each group as if it would be a single entity;
  • using in comparisons.

When a user runs a search in Deep stats for some criterion, the system gives a list of results. Each result may be selected and to create a group. Just select items and click on "Make group".

Searching for files and streams by regexp.

A dialog will request a name for the new group.

Setting group name.

After saving data you will see group name under search field.

Groups names in search panel.

Clicking on the name, you will get results for the items which you previously selected in group.

Browsing items in a group.
Now since you have a group, you may click on "Group stats". Clicking on it will show same daily stats as you may find for any separate file or stream. This includes same set of charts and table data.

Browsing group combined stats.

Browsing list of found items of a group, you may add new or remove existing files or streams of the group. You may also create a new group from a subset of search results.

Group actions.

WMSPanel team plans extending In-depth statistics with new metrics, so follow our blog or social media (Facebook Twitter Google+) to get updates.

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