April 23, 2015

Icecast control API

WMSPanel provides rich API for obtaining various data from our products. This includes status API for Nimble Streamer which allows getting real-time information about each Nimble instance and make decisions like load balancing etc.

So in addition to existing routes control API we introduce API for controlling Icecast streaming behavior. It can be found when you follow Nimble Streamer -> Live streams set up menu and then click on Icecast settings button for any of Nimble Streamer instances.

To use this feature set, run the designated methods from listed below. Full list can be found in WMSPanel products API reference.

Each method is illustrated by running respective "curl" command but you may use any technique or programming language to do the same. If you run it from command line, check this FAQ question as well.

These methods give basic capabilities for controlling Nimble behavior. Later on we plan introducing new control features, follow us to learn more and contact us in case of any questions.

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