April 29, 2015

MPEG-DASH edge re-streaming

One of the first supported scenarios for Nimble Streamer was HTTP media re-streaming. Today this includes now HLS, SmoothStreaming, HDS and progressive download re-streaming. In this scenario Nimble is used as an efficient caching server which is able to handle media content properly. This means that re-streaming of live content will use its own set of caching techniques and VOD re-steaming will utilize cache in other way.

Last year we released a wide MPEG-DASH feature set which included live streamingvideo-on-demand and content protection. Having that, we later joined DASH Industry Forum to participate in its initiatives.

As people discover more use cases for DASH usage, we wanted to provide full features coverage for this protocol. Like, companies consider using DASH for DRM so they need a way to efficiently deliver streams after the content is encrypted. So basically it's a good case for delivery of pre-packetized content to end users.

This is why we introduce the MPEG-DASH re-streaming capabilities in Nimble Streamer.

Re-streaming cache works the same way as for other protocols. Live stream cache is stored for limited time while VOD media cache may be stored for large periods of time.

It's set up the same way as for other protocols like HLS. An administrator defines a route where he specifies:

  • what is the origin of DASH content;
  • what URL is used for accessing data on edge;
  • what servers will handle this route.
Let's see how it works.

Go to Nimble Streamer / Edit Nimble Routes menu to see the list of re-streaming and VOD routes.

Here you can create a route for re-streaming MPEG-DASH via 2 scenarios. First one is to use a re-streaming wizard and the second one is to create a route manually.

Creating via wizard is easy - just click on Re-streaming setup wizard button. A setup dialog will appear asking for URL of origin stream and the list of servers to apply this route to.

It will automatically show the future URL for using in players and will create a route upon clicking on Create re-streaming route button.

To create a route manually, click on Set up edge re-streaming link on top on the page. It will give a dialog which full setup details.

First set of fields described the edge - i.e. where the incoming request must come to, so it could be processed by this route. Second pair of fields described the source of data, i.e. what is origin server and its path to content. You also need to select where the route will be applied to.

After completing any of the scenarios, you will get a new route in the list.

Now if you Get URL for player link you will see a dialog where the URL which can be inserted into your player which supports MPEG-DASH playback, like dash.js or bitdash.

Having this capability as well as other existing ones, you can create delivery networks for MPEG-DASH content for the majority of use scenarios. Contact us if there are some specific use cases which you'd like to cover as well.

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