April 30, 2015

Media streaming industry news for April

Our team keeps tracking news about media streaming, online video and audio from around the world. This gives a lot to think about the industry goes and about what we can do.

As usually, we made a small digest of what we thought might be interesting for our customers and followers.

The main event of this month was the NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas.
Our CEO Yury Udovichenko visited the trade show and met a lot of our customers and partners. You will see some of the results of these meetings in the near future. Take a look at a few pictures from the show in Facebook account (and subscribe to its updates if you haven't done it yet).
One of the visited events was the DASH IF networking reception. Take a look at the inteviews of the participants.
Also, check the best products of the show as seen by Streaming Media magazine.

The Biggest Streaming Media Mergers and Acquisitions list for 2014 might be interesting to see what's going in terms of players' interests.
A couple of acquisitions happend this month as well.
Congratulations to the teams!

“Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business and still growing fast — in fact it’s accelerating,” says Jeff Bezos. Amazon's first quarter sales proove that.

Jan Ozer intorduced a new article - New HEVC Patent Pool: What Are the Implications? The new technology brings new licensing terms. Also, check Jan's Producing and Distributing HEVC session from last year Streaming Media West conference to see where HEVC is now.
Speaking of Jan, we should mention his digest on DRM Resources on the Streaming Learning Center website.

Check a bit more about protocols and standards:

Those who like everything about drones, will be interested to read recent Dawn of the Drone: An Aerial Video and Photo Primer article.

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